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• The VIP client status is activated once you have uploaded a minimum of €300 in sun credits, and it is based on your ID card.
• The uploaded amount (€300) will be immediately uploaded to your client account. You can use this to buy tanning cream and skincare products.
• As a VIP client you always get a 40% discount when you tan at D Päike, Päike and Päiksekiir salons.
• On your birthday or on the days preceding or following, you can tan for free (12 min).
• As a VIP client you can conveniently book your tanning sessions, upload credit and check your balance online.
• When logging into the D Päike online shop, you will always get the best special offers.
• During the large annual campaigns, your discount may be up to 50%.

Here’s to a naturally sunny life!

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