Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the credit on my client account only for tanning?

The credit on your client account can be used as a payment method for tanning sessions, but also as a payment method for purchasing various body care and/or tanning products in the salon or on our website.


I don’t want to use tanning services anymore and I want the credit on my account returned to me!

D päike does not return the funds from client accounts for any reason or under any circumstances (except in case of health contraindications, subject to a medical form that confirms it).


Can I transfer the credit from my client account to my friends client account?

Transferring your personal credit from your client account to another person is not possible. If the reason is that you do not want to use tanning services anymore, then we kindly remind you that you can also use the credit on your account to purchase various skin care products.


Can I visit a solarium if I am under 18?

If you are underage, you are not allowed to use a solarium in our salons.


Can I take my child in the cabin?

Can´t be taken.


I would like to cancel my booking!
Unfortunately it is not possible to cancel an online booking, but it is possible to change it 24 hours before to another date/time or to a different d päike salon.


I was late for my booking and now the fee has been taken from my account. Is it possible to get the amount back to my account?

If you have booked a tanning session, it is important to be present in the salon at least 10 minutes before the booked session. In case of non appearance or being late, the reservation will be canceled without the possibility of a refund.


I booked a tanning session, but when I got there the salon was closed.

If for some reason the salon is closed during the time of your booking, we encourage you to give us feedback by writing to in that case we can find an appropriate solution regarding the situation.


Why is there only a selected amount of cabins available for booking in every salon on d päike homepage?

Calculated number of cabins has been removed from e-booking to prevent overbookings and to ensure that all our customers get a chance to use our services.


How and what can I purhcase for a d päike gift card?
D päike gift cards can be used as a payment method for tanning and/or to purchase various products in our e-shop. The serial number of a gift card is required to redeem it.
NB! Gift cards can only be used as a one-time purchase!


Is it possible to transfer the gift card amount to my client account as credit?
Yes it is – it can easily be done at the salon with the help of our administrators and also through our website by logging in and choosing your preferred client status + loading amount (in case of a price difference, the difference must be paid by the customer). If you have several gift cards, it is necessary to enter the serial number of each gift card separately.


When is the birthday discount valid and what is the discount?
Birthday discount is up to 12 free tanning minutes, and it is valid for client card owners on the day of his/her birthday as well as the day before and the day after.


Why are some D päike cabins more expensive than others?
All tanning machines differ in terms of technology. Machines with more modern technology are more expensive due to the extra amenities and extra values compared to the older machines.


Why is it necessary to use a special solarium tanning lotion while tanning in the salon?
While tanning, our skin loses a lot of moisture, using a balanced tanning lotion prevents a bigger moisture loss from our skin during the session. Solarium tanning lotion ensures a 30-40% better, more even and lasting tanning result.


Can I take a shower immediately after tanning in the solarium?
It is not reccomended to shower on the same day if you have used a bronzer lotion.
The reason is that you will most likely wash the self-tanning lotion particles off of your body, which will no longer ensure you an effective after-sun result. It is also highly recommended to exfoliate the skin at home before tanning, so that the result would be deeper and long lasting.


Why can’t I apply the sun lotion on my body already at home?
Many sun lotions (bronzers) contain self-tanning particles, if you apply the lotion at home and put your clothes on right after, it can cause your clothes to get dirty! In addition, tight clothes absorb a large part of the lotion on your way from home to the salon, so your skin will be poorly moisturized and the cream will not give the desired and promised result. It is most effective to apply sun lotion in the salon just before tanning.


Why do white spots appear on my back and near the tailbones while and after tanning?
White spots appear on parts of our body where our body weight falls. For the pigment to form on the skin, oxygen is needed. Because blood does not get to the places where our body weight falls while tanning, the oxygen does not reach the surface layers of the skin and tan cannot be developed. It is recommended to move a little while tanning, change the position of your hands and feet, also to lift your hip bones from time to time.


Do I have to wear special safety glasses when tanning in the salon?
Yes! UV light reaches not only our skin but also our eyes. While standing up, the UV intensity decreases due to the deep position of our eyes in our eye-nests and our eyelids – lashes. When we are in a horizontal position on the beach or in a solarium, the UV intensity is much higher (when using a vertical solarium, UV also penetrates into eyes). Excessive exposure of our eyes to UV light can cause a number of eye diseases, such as corneal burns, which can cause pain in our eyes and clouding for several days. UV light also penetrates closed eyes, so simply closing your eyes or covering them with cotton/wool for example, will not protect them. It is necessary to use the glasses provided in our salons while tanning!


How do I know if the tanning machine has new lamps?
The tanning result of each machine depends on how long it has been used, not on whether and when the lamps have been changed in the machine!
For example: If you replace a light bulb at home, the room will still be as bright in a month as it is today. Strength depends of the light bulbs power, not of how new it is.
Lamp-life of our machines has been calculated so that we can replace the lamps during the period when it does not yet affect tanning results.


Why can’t I use the sun lotions that are meant for using in solarium, while tanning outdoors in the natural sun?
The sun lotions used in the solarium do not contain UV sun protection factors, which are designed to protect our skin while being exposed to the natural sun outside. If you wish to have an additional tanning result, a solarium tanning lotion may be used in addition and only after you have already applied a UV protective sun lotion.


What is the difference between d päike tan and fast tan?
D päike tan is a unique and state-of-the-art tanning concept based on a technology that offers a healthy, safe, beautiful and long-lasting deep Mediterranean complexion. In addition to a beautiful and healthy tan, d päike tan also provides you the necessary amount of vitamin D. Session times range from 10 to 20 minutes, and the UV intensity is similar to natural sunlight.
Whereas the average duration of a fast tan session is 10 minutes, as the UV intensity in fast tan devices is higher than usual, this ensures a fast tanning result, but there is also a higher risk of burns if minutes are wrongly calculated and taken.


How often do I have to go to the solarium to get tanned?
3-4 times is enough to achieve a beautiful Golden tan on your skin. However, if you want to maintain the tan, tanning once a week (which also meets European standards) is enough. We definitely recommend d päike tan, with which the risk of burns is close to none!


What is the difference between bronzing and intensifying lotions?
Bronzers give your skin an immediate complexion or a step-by step skin pigmentation.
Intensifiers ensure a smoother and darker tan slowly, as the enhancer improves the skin’s own ability to produce pigment and enhances your natural tan.


Why should I not use an SPF lotion in solarium?
SPF lotions contain UV sun protect factor which slows down the process of tanning. During a fast tan session, our skin is able to cope on its own for 8 minutes. During d päike tan, it is 20 minutes, during which there will be no burns. The darker the skin, the better the skin’s natural defenses.

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