Sales terms and conditions

Sales terms and conditions

1       General provisions

1.1   D Päike is a sales and service environment administered by Regentum OÜ (hereinafter: D Päike), in which the following services are provided and the following products are sold:
1.1.1        The tanning services (hereinafter: Service) provided by the tanning salons operating under the D Päike trademark (hereinafter each individual salon: Salon; plural Salons), and on the online website (hereinafter: for a fee;
1.1.2        The tanning and skincare products (hereinafter Product) sold in the dpä online shop and shops operating under the D Päike trademark.
1.2   The following restrictions apply to the use of the Service:
1.2.1        The D Päike artificial tanning Service can be used by people starting aged 18 and over;
1.2.2        The D Päike spray tanning Service can be used by people aged 16 and over.
1.2.3        There is no age limit on the use of Products.
1.2.4        D päike  is not responsible for any personal belongings left in the salon and tanning booth by clients and visitors.

2       Creating an account and acquiring client status
2.1 In order to use the D Päike Service, it is necessary to register as a D Päike User online at or in a salon by creating the respective free client account (hereinafter: Account).
2.2 From the moment of registration, registrants are considered to be D Päike clients (hereinafter: Client), who prove their status as Clients with their ID cards, and if they lack an ID card, with a client card issued at the Salon (extra fee for the card).
2.3 A Client can have only one Account.
2.4 All persons who have valid D Päike, Päike and Päiksekiir client cards are considered to be clients, and the existence of a card enables the person to log onto D Pä in order to buy Services and Products (authorization with the ID card is necessary when logging in for the first time).
2.5 In order to be able to log onto the Account through Facebook or Google+ accounts, the first log-in must be executed with an ID card.
2.6 The information submitted to create the Account must be true and complete.
2.7 The company has the right to terminate the customer agreement unilaterally by notifying the customer 14 days in advance. The account balance will be returned.

3       Payment for and price of the Services or Products
3.1 The Client pays for the Services via, by using the respective bank link or by paying for the Services with a card payment or in cash at a Salon, or by loading the desired amount into one’s Account.
3.2 The Client pays for the Products via, by using the respective bank link or by paying for the Products with a card payment or in cash at a Salon. To pay for Products, the Client can also use the funds uploaded into the Account in the way specified for Services in clause 3.1.
3.3 Funds that have been uploaded into the Account as a discount on the use of Services by D Päike (i.e. not the client) cannot be used to pay for Products, and can only be used to pay for Services.
3.4 In regard to each individual Service or Product, D Päike does not have an obligation to provide the Service or deliver the Product until the amount for providing the Service for or for acquiring Product has been debited from the Client’s bank account, or the necessary monetary resources for acquiring the Product or Client Service has been paid in cash at a Salon. Products or Services are not booked before the Client’s account has been debited (incl. for example, by adding them to the shopping cart).
3.5 The monetary resources deposited in the Client’s Account expire if the Client does not use the Account for three (3) successive years.
3.6 D Päike will not refund the monetary resources that have been uploaded into the Account for any reason or under any circumstances, except if the Client’s health-related contraindication to tanning is confirmed by submitting a certificate from a medical institution.
3.7 The price of the Services and Products sold by D Päike are indicated next to the respective Service or Product, in the display case exhibiting the Products or in the Service pricelist. In the case of sales campaigns, the regular as well as the campaign prices are indicated next to the Service or Product.

4       Using the Service
4.1   The monetary resources uploaded into the D Päike Client Account are used for Services as follows:
4.1.1 to pay for Services according to the D Päike pricelist;
4.1.2 for the price of the Service in the pricelist less the discount associated with the client status: i.e. Loyal Client 10 %, Premium Client 20% and VIP Client 40%;
4.1.3 for one free tanning session on the Client’s birthday or the day immediately preceding or following it.

5       The Client can use to
5.1 book an available time for tanning at the desired Salon, on the desired day and time;
5.2 book an available time for spray tanning at the D Päike salon at Narva mnt 7 in Tallinn;
5.3 update their client information when making a booking.

6       Booking a time to use the Service
6.1 When using the service in a salon, reservation and use of the session is in accordance with the live order.
6.2 Tanning salons are available at open hours, please look:
6.3 Please note that the last tanning session must start no more than 15 minutes before closing the salon, when the client can sunbathe for a maximum of 6 minutes.
6.4 All the required fields must be filled in when booking a time for using the Service on
6.5 A time to use the Service can be booked up to seven (7) days in advance of the time desired for the use of the Service.
6.6 Several bookings can be made at once. However, D Päike warns that, depending on the Client’s skin type, a minimum of 48 to 72 hours must elapse between tanning sessions.
6.7 In order to use the booked time, the person must arrive at the Salon at least ten (10) minutes before the start of the time booked for the Service. Otherwise, (i.e. when not appearing or appearing late for a session) the Service will be cancelled and the money will not be refunded.
6.8 When using the Service, the Client must present his or her ID card or D Päike client card to the service representative at the Salon.
6.9 A booked time for using the Service cannot be cancelled. However, the time when the Service is to be provided, or the Salon where the Service will be provided can be changed. Any changes must be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the start of the time booked for the Service.
6.10 Any possible difference in the price of the Service that may result from a change in the time of the booking will be deposited or debited from the Client Account depending on whether the change in the time that the Service is provided caused an increase or reduction in price.

7       Buying Products/ placing orders
7.1 In order to buy Products from the online shop, select the desired Product and add it to the cart. Products in the cart can be viewed or removed from the cart; the quantities can be changed and the order placed by clicking on “Go to shopping cart”. Having reviewed the selected Products and quantities, click on “Go to checkout”.
7.2 On the checkout page, the buyer must fill in the fields for his/her name, address, email address and phone number. The rapid and smooth delivery of the goods depends on the accuracy of the information, and therefore, we recommend you check to make sure all the information has been entered correctly. On the checkout page, it is possible to specify different addresses for the delivery and the invoice.
7.3 Next, the desired means of delivery and payment must be selected on the checkout page (a more exact description is provided below). Once all the information has been checked, click on “Submit order”. Thereafter the buyer will be directed to select the means of payment either by bank link, credit card or funds available on the D Päike Client Account. Once the payment has been confirmed, the confirmation of the order will be sent to the email address indicated on the order.
7.4 The seller reserves the right to refuse to sell the ordered goods, if the Product price or properties are inaccurate due human error or technical problems in the system, the ordered goods are sold out or if the buyer does not conform to the requirements of these terms and conditions for the use of the online shop. In this case, the seller will contact the buyer and refund the paid amount or offer a substitute Product.
7.5 If the buyer has any questions about the Product or about placing the order, these questions can be submitted to the seller at the email address:

8       Delivery of the goods
8.1   The delivery time for Products within the Republic of Estonia is up to five (5) business days.
8.2   If the ordered goods cannot be delivered within 5 business day, the D Päike customer service department will arrange a suitable delivery time with the buyer.
8.3   The goods will be transported in accordance with the selection made by the buyer on the checkout page:
8.3.1        Itella SmartPOST package automat:    Itella SmartPOST package automats are located in various shopping centres throughout the Baltic countries. The Itella SmartPOST package automats are open as long as the shopping centres where the package automats are located are open. When a package arrives at the Itella SmartPOST package automat, the buyer is sent a text message by mobile phone with the locker code, based on which the package can be picked up from the automat. The package is kept in the Itella SmartPOST automat for seven (7) calendar days from the time the locker code is sent by email.
8.3.2        The DPD courier    The DPD courier service delivers the goods to the buyer’s home or office. The courier service delivers packages from Monday to Saturday at a suitable time (between 9 am and 5 pm or between 5 pm and 9 pm). A text message is sent to the buyer with the exact time on the morning of the delivery. The courier phones the buyer 15 minutes before arrival. If the first delivery is unsuccessful, the courier arranges a new time if necessary.    DPD Pickup package automat:    DPD Pickup package automats are located in various shopping centres throughout the Baltic countries. The DPD Pickup package automats are open as long as the shopping centres where the package automats are or when automat is outdoors, then it is open 24h. When a package arrives at the DPD Pickup package automat, the buyer is sent a text message by mobile phone with the locker code, based on which the package can be picked up from the automat.

10    14-day right of return and order cancellation
10.1 If the buyer wants to rescind the order and the seller has not yet shipped it, it is possible to cancel the order. To cancel an order, the corresponding wish should be communicated by email as soon as possible to, by indicating the order number and payment details (your name and bank account number).
10.2 The buyer can return the purchased goods, if they have not been used, within 14 days and get a refund, or exchange it for another Product by giving notification of the wish by email to, and indicating the order number and payment details (your name and bank account number).The Product to be returned must be returned within 30 days of the notification of the wish to return and the cost of up to €10 will be paid by the buyer. The money for the returned Product will be deposited in the buyer’s bank account within 30 days of the goods being received.
10.3 The right of return will not apply if the Product has been used, it is not in its original packaging or the packaging has been damaged. The right of return also will not apply to goods that are not subject for return for reasons of health protection and hygiene, and if they were open upon delivery (creams and other care products). In such cases, the money will not be refunded to the buyer, the Product will not be accepted and will be sent back to the buyer.
10.4 If the Product is returned because the seller has been sent the wrong Product, then in addition to the purchase price, the seller will also compensate the cost of returning the goods within 30 days of the notice being made of the wish to return to return the goods.
10.5 If the Product received by the buyer was damaged during transport, or does not correspond to the description upon delivery, the buyer can submit a claim within two months of the shortcoming becoming evident. The buyer has the right to submit a claim within two years of receiving the goods, and within two months of the shortcoming becoming evident. The seller will not accept responsibility for any shortcomings that have resulted from the misuse of the goods or damage to the goods.

11    Privacy / processing of personal data
11.1 The information and personal data gathered in the course of visits to the D Päike online shop and the placement of orders will be handled in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and will not be disclosed to third parties.
11.2 The D Päike online shop collects the User’s personal data when Accounts are created and/or orders are placed.
11.3 Personal data to be processed includes the User’s name, email address, mobile phone number and consumer preferences.
11.4 The D Päike online shop uses the personal data for the provision, development and personalisation of Services. The given Services should be primarily considered the Services offered on the website; the sale of the goods to the Users and the personalisation of offers.
11.5 By entering and confirming the data on the D Päike online shop, the User grants the right to collect and process the User’s personal data and to forward the data necessary for delivering the goods to the logistics partner.
11.6 The use of electronic personal data for direct mail occurs only if the User has given permission in the D Päike online shop.
11.7 The buyer can always decide to unsubscribe from offers or newsletters by notifying us by email and following the instructions specified in the next email with an offer.
11.8 When paying for purchases via encrypted data communication with banks, the User ensures the security of the User’s personal bank codes and the D Päike online shop does not have access to them.
11.9 The D Päike online shop will not forward the personal data acquired about the Client to third parties.
11.10 Personal data is processed by Regentum OÜ (10723248), Pärnu mnt 8, Tallinn 10148.

12    Use of cookies
12.1 The D Päike online shop uses temporary cookies on its website, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the website. Cookies are small files that are replicated in the user’s computer and are used in the course of providing the online service to save the online sessions. Their purpose is to remember and help the user of the website.
12.2 Cookies contain information that is not personally identifiable. For example, they are used to save the selections made by the buyer, to compile statistics and find out how the online shop visitors use the website. This information helps to further develop the user-friendliness of the online environment and to display user-specific information on the website. Users may prohibit the use of cookies in their web browsers, but this may cause problems when visiting websites.

13    Amending the terms and conditions
13.1 In the interests of the future development of D Päike and the better and more secure use of D Päike, Regentum OÜ has the right to amend these terms and conditions, the notification of which shall be made via;
13.2 Any amendments or additions made to the terms and conditions will enter into force upon the amendments or additions being published via
13.3 If the Client has placed an order before the amendments have entered into force, the terms and conditions that were valid when the order was placed by the Client will apply to the legal relationship between D Päike and the Client.

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