General Information and contact

General Information and contact

Our company was founded in 2003 and we introduced the d Päike brand in 2013. Therefore, we have been letting the sun shine in Estonia’s damp and dusky climate for 17 brightly shining years! In addition to the d Päike salons, our chain of tanning salons also includes all the Päike and Päikesekiir tanning salons, which will soon be carrying the d Päike name as well. Therefore, wherever you live or travel in Estonia, there is never enough sunlight in this corner of the globe!  Come and tan in our salons, where a warm sun is always shining!

In the D päike / Päike / Päikesekiir tanning salons (a total of 18), we focus daily on providing the most professional and best complete tanning service! Our tanning consultants are certified and capable of providing competent advice related to the tanning sessions and tanning products. We have the world’s best quality tanning equipment in our salons, which represents innovative UV technology, exclusive design and all the most modern conveniences and solutions. The professional tanning cosmetics and skincare products sold in our salons will help you achieve a perfect and long-lasting tan.

D päike, for a naturally sunny life!

Regentum OÜ
Reg no.: 10723248
Pärnu mnt 8, Tallinn 10148
Phone: +372 6 057 058

  1. We always respond to e-mails as soon as possible, but not more than within five working days.
  2. When contacting us regarding lost items, please note that the tanning center is not responsible for forgotten items in the salon.


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