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Our services

D päike tan

Safe combination for lovers of the Mediterranean sun: vitamin D + beautiful golden and long-lasting colour.

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Sun Angel tan

Personal smart tan! Sessions based on your skin type: vitamin D without colour, or vitamin D + beautiful colour.

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Beauty tan

Collagen based light therapy cares for your skin, improves athletic performance and boost health.

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Fast tan

Popular and well-known session that saves time and provides a quick tanning result.

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Fitness tan

2-in-1 tan: beautiful colour + gentle vibration, physical tonus for the lower body and relaxation for the upper body.

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Spray tan

A safe session, beautiful colour if you prefer not to go to the solarium. A super tan for an important event!

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Professional tanning cosmetics from the e-shop


Products to be used in the tanning salon.

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To the beach

Products to be used at the beach.

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Self-tanning products to be used at home.

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After tanning

Products for use at home or at the beach.

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Skin type test

Which tan to choose? How long should the session be? What cream to use? A quick skin test will help you make healthy choices today and in the future!


I love the sun! It makes me energetic and radiant! As a coach, I constantly focus on my body, and it’s natural that I want look radiant and be in good shape. With moderate colour, I always look prettier and more energetic, and my muscles are defined better. I prefer 20-minutes sessions at D päike and the result is always natural and uniform. I believe that moderate tanning and a proper dose of sunlight in our lives help us to be more radiant and happier! Happy Sunny Life!

Kristi Roosimägi Tallinn

I am very satisfied with the D päike tanning service. Both the solariums and personnel are top quality. In Estonia, definitely the best place for tanning during the terrible winter months! I warmly recommend it!

Marcus Eerik Tartu

I would like to thank you for the very pleasing service in every salon of yours that I have visited. Also the tan is always so beautiful and even. Enjoying the sun 100%, so super!

Kristi Roos Rakvere

A vit to D päike is like an escape to holiday - I strech myself and really enjoying the sunshine like on a sandy beach, a cool soothing music background... Extreme pleasure is that the caramel's tan can be achieved by choosing the D päike tan.

Egle Olesk Tartu

I applaud your service providers - always positive, helpful and professional. I have been repeatedly in trouble with the selection of a cabin, girls have always kindly recommended to recommend a cabin, they even made me a personal 'sunbathing plan', which I also observed. The plan is suitable for my skin, I am constantly complimented :) Thanks to you, I have also found tanning creams suitable for my skin. Your choice of creams is great and you will be able to share some helpful suggestions. To sum up, I just want to thank you. Tanning is my sunny habit, a moment for myself. Thanks to your professionalism in every aspect of sunbathing, I'm not going to ever change the cabin :)

Mari A. Tallinn

I am an avid fan of trips to warm countries and of solariums, apparently because of the sun and energy that I derive from them. If I could, I would only live in the sun, but unfortunately in the Estonian climate it’ impossible. Before every holiday trip and regularly every month, I take two to three sunbaths in the sun at D päike. I enjoy the warmth of the sun, the soft breezes similar to southern countries, the pleasant music. I relax… I have never gotten a sunburn. The cream is super and the tan healthy and natural. I warmly recommend it others!

Siiri Kassuk Kostivere
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